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Rational of the Project:

The Revival of the Menora –An academic project focusing on various learning points in the Jewish and Zionist nation

1. Components of the project
-20 cards for the teacher explaining various historical events.
-Sample lesson plans
-A Disk with Youtube videos for enrichment
– Cards that fold to fourths with questions about the topics discussed (ideal for 2nd-4th grades)
– For grades 4 and up, there is a game with questions that they will have to answer to move forward in the game.
2. Style of learning- Events on the historical continuity of the Jewish people.
3. Goals of the project:
– Give the students a basic understanding of Jewish history and the importance of the Menora as a symbol.
– Help the students recognize the various symbols associated with the historical events that have shaped our Jewish identity.
-using the Menora as a continuous symbol and exploring the various time periods
-for the Students to will see theMenora as a symbol of the modern State of Israel
4. Ideal timing for this project is March until May
5.Topics to be learned:
6.. Grades 1-3
– the Students will see this project through the point of reference of Passover as the last of the 3 Festivals which take place each year.
-The structure of the Temple and its role in the life of the Jewish people
-Israeli Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut): the Israeli flag, the Knesset (Israeli governing body), the national symbol
– Jerusalem Day: focus on the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967.
7. Grade 4
– All topics mentioned above
-Group assignment about the coins of Israel, where the students will learn about the different symbols on the coins
-Stamps from the establishment of the State
-Learning about the ancient City of David
-Learn the Bible verses that appear on the collage
8. Grades 5-6
-All topics mentioned above
– Research historical events using newspaper clippings
-10th of Tevet: the start of the siege on Jerusalem until the 9th of Av when the Temple was destroyed and Jerusalem fell to the Romans in 70 CE, and the Jews were exiled carrying the Menora.
– Balfour Declaration and the 29th of November
9. Implementing the knowledge;
– Grades 1-4 card game
-Grades 5-6: board game