Lesson topic: The Temple’s Lamp (Menorah)

/Lesson topic: The Temple’s Lamp (Menorah)
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Lesson topic: The Temple’s Lamp (Menorah)
Lesson outline:
Lesson 1:
Topic: The Lamp
Length: 45 minutes
Goals: Students will understand the structure of the Menorah
– Students will understand the importance of the Menorah to the Jewish People
– Students will learn about the Menorah in various relevant historical periods of Jewish History
– Students should understand the relationship of the Jews to the Menorah throughout the ages
– Students will learn values associated with the Jewish People and the Menorah
– Students will be able to connect these values to those they are learning in school

Combining, Judaism, Zionism and Citizenship
-Judaism: the Menorah throughout the generations, its position in the Temple and the work of the Priests
– Zionism: The decision to use the Menorah as a national symbol of the State of Israel.
– Citizenship: the values that are expressed when discussing the Menorah- respect and the Menorah being a sign of the Jews belonging in Israel.

Schools profile: the first section of the vision of the school speaks about deepening the students’ feelings of belonging and identity as a Jew. This is done through the study of various values and the different vessels in the Temple and the various services and rituals performed that give the Jews a sense of identity.

Follow up discussion with the students:

Word Bank of main topics: Holy Temple, Priests, Lamp (Menorah), 2nd Temple Period, Titus’ Gate, liberty

Course of the Lesson:
Introduction: Today we will be learning about the Lamp (Menorah) through experiencing it. The students will work in groups (Jack’s Method) and research about various aspects of the Lamp: the shape, the sources and its importance as a Jewish symbol. Each group will get a list of questions which they will have to sit and research for 15 minutes and at the end choose a representative to present their findings to other groups. This part should be 10 minutes with each group.

New information: There are several places in the Bible where the Menorah is mentioned and we are going to have a look at those sources:
• According to Jewish tradition, the instructions to build the Lamp for the Tabernacle were given to Moses directly by G-d. See Exodus Chapter 25 Verses 31-40.
• In Numbers 8:2 the High Priest Aaron is commanded to light the Lamp.
• In Kings 1, the King Solomon was requested during the building of the Temple to place 10 Lamps in the Temple similar to those that Moses built for the Tabernacle.
• In Zacharia, the Lamp is described in a vision having to do with the building of the Third Temple in which he describes the Lamp In Chapter 4 Verses 1-14. The Lamp that is envisioned here was the inspiration behind Gavriel and Maxim Shamir’s design for the modern symbol of the State of Israel.
• The Shamir brothers, when designing the Menorah described why they chose the Menorah specifically; “the Lamp represents the glorious past of the Jewish people, compared to the Star of David, it is a symbol that does not appear in with or any other nation in the world.