Lesson 2: The Menora as a symbol of the Modern State of Israel

/Lesson 2: The Menora as a symbol of the Modern State of Israel
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Lesson 2: The Menora as a symbol of the Modern State of Israel
Length: 45 minutes

The students will:
– Understand the meaning of a symbol
– be introduced to the symbol of their school
– be introduced to the components of the National symbol of Israel
– learn about the Menora
– understand the importance of the Menora as a Jewish symbol that has been for thousands of years
– understand the values that their school stands for

Integrating Judaism, Zionism and Civics

Judaism- the Menora in the Temple, and its importance throughout Jewish history
Zionism- The choice of using the Menora as a central symbol of the State of Israel
Civics- The Menora as a symbol of the State of Israel that appears on official documents and stamps.

School profile within the lesson

Discussion about identity

Key Terms: Menora, Symbol, Olive branches, peace, rods, Holy Temple


Introduction: Present the topic- today we will learn about the National symbol of the Menorah, and we will look at pictures and ask the students to examine the details of the national symbol. At this time we will take a look at each part of the symbol separately.
Olive Branches- We will show the students the source of the olive branches as a symbol in the Bible through the story of Noah and the Flood.
The Menorah- Ask the students what the Menorah means to them
Israel- the Modern State

Introduce new information

2nd grade: Look up the word “symbol” in the dictionary.
– Definition: a picture or image that triggers a specific idea in the mind
– What does this symbol trigger in them?
-Judaism- discuss the Menorah in the Temple and the symbol of the olive branch in the Bible with regard to Noah and the Flood
-Zionism- the connection between the olive tree and the land which takes hundreds of years to lay its roots.
– Civics- the name Israel and what it means and where it comes from.
This symbol was chosen out of many suggestions by many citizens after the establishment of the State of Israel. The symbol is made up of various other symbols that represent the rich history of the Jewish people. The Menorah represents the past, the olive branches the present and the State of Israel is the future.

Write on the board for the students to copy: We will speak about the symbol of our school as a symbol of unity and uniqueness. Each student who is wearing the school uniform should feel connected. Where else in the school do we see the symbol?
Tasks for the Students: draw the symbol. The students should be given cut outs of different parts of the symbol to put together on a plain page.

Helpful tools for the lesson: a picture of the symbol, video, cut outs of the various parts of the symbol.

Follow Up questions for the video:
1. Where was the Menorah placed in the past?
2. What material was the Menorah made out of?
3. How many branches does the Menorah have?
4. The symbol is special for .
5. Where do we find the national symbol?
Which vision of the school identifies with the national symbol?