Dr. Avital Laufer, Deputy Mayor, Commissioner of Education

/Dr. Avital Laufer, Deputy Mayor, Commissioner of Education
Dr. Avital Laufer, Deputy Mayor, Commissioner of Education2018-09-22T21:41:04+00:00

The Menorah, a symbol of the State of Israel along with its olive branches is characteristic of its uniqueness and beauty. It is a symbol of Jewish identity, Jewish values, Jewish pride and a symbol of the rich history of the Jewish people. When G-d commanded Moses to build the Menorah from a “single piece” as opposed to multiple pieces welded together. The “single piece” of the menorah symbolizes the unity of the Jews, blinded to cultural divisions.
Through our program, we are going to take a walk through history and explore the symbolism of the Menorah throughout the generations, from the destruction of the Temple until now. I see in this program a great potential to continue studying the legacy of the Jewish people.
I would like to thank several people who have made this program possible. Mr. Yaakov Rosenwasser, who had the inspiration for this program, Dr. Shai Fruchtman, the Director of Elementary Education who continues to publicize and advance our project. I would also like to thank Mrs. Diti Prower, principal of the Leah Goldberg School for teaching this project and constantly working for its success.
Dr. Avital Laufer
Deputy Mayor
Commissioner of Education